Samurai Unicorno W28BR is a bey owned by Kado.

Stone Face:Unicorno IIEdit

The Stone Face depicts "Monoceros", one of the 88 constellations in space. Monoceros is Greek for "unicorn". The design resembles the original Striker (Unicorno) Face Bolt design, but in a more stylized design. It gives it a more edgy, flame-like design. It shows Monoceros' face outlined in Blue While on a Green Stone Face.

Chorme Wheel Unicorno IIEdit

Unicorno is a Gold with various cuts, curves, and edges all around it. It has Lightning details on two sides, with the Lightning curving around the top of Unicorno with their long, elongated, and curved shapes. Near the Lightning is a circular hole; this hole is made so the round "crystal" from a Crystal Wheel can fit into.

Crystal Wheel: SamuraiEdit

Samurai is a semi-translucent dark red that carries a circular design, though with some cuts and gaps on it, as well. Samurai features various square-like designs around and as with all, Samurai has a crystal. This crystal, while in a circular shape, is designed to fit into the hole of the Unicorno Chrome Wheel.

Track: W286Edit

A high track like 230 but with three things like horns that close and open in it.The spin track is colured yellow and the horns blue.

Button :BREdit

A hopping button that in Zero-G Stadiums Jumps and Falls down sacking the stadium due to it's hight it's spining really fast but moving slow.

Special MovesEdit

Unicorn's final lightning blow:Unicorno strickes to the opponet and then attacks with its lightning horn,this causes damage both in the opponet and at Unicorno,they said that it can be used by a special Unicorno and it is a forbidden special move.