Pokemon Ruby

End of The Chapter

At first you will meet Prof.Birch as he will tell you about pokemon.You will see yourself in truck get outside of truck you will see your Mom who will tell you about your room and you need set your clock then your Mom will come up and tell you about your neighbours.You will go to your neighbour's house meet May there and then go up to the route then help Prof.Birch to get a starter.First he tell you to choose and fight the Poochyena with our pokemon i recomend to choose mudkip as your starter then Tackle it two times he would making you the winner.

(T H E ******** E N D **********)

Pokemon SeenEdit

  • Mudkip. (Rick)
  • Poochyena.(Wild)


  • Mudkip vs Poocheyena (Mudkip Wins).
    Mudkip vs Poochyena

    Mudkip vs Poochyena