Guide in Pokemon

Why there is a Guide in Pokemon?Edit

This guide has been created to help you in your Pokemon Creation.

Starter PokemonEdit

A Starter Pokemon Like Cyndaquil,Totadile,Tepig,Snivy, are a Trainers Very first Pokemon (Some times the first Pokemon is not a starter,also, Eevee and Pikachu ARE NOT Starter Pokemon),The category for starter Pokemon is the category "Starter Pokemon',Please add this category at your starter Pokemon's Page.

Legendary PokemonEdit

The well known Legendary Pokemon are optainable at this wiki,a regular user has the premison to catch only only a Kanto Legendary Pokemon (Ex-cluding Mewtwo),a Chatmoderator Kanto,Johto and Hoenn,an Adminstrator every single region's Legend Pokemon.


To create a Pokemon you need to press"Add a page",YOU CAN NOT CREATE A FAN MADE POKEMON!