Gull's beast

This bey is a balance type bey (actually the strongest balance type bey in the world) and is property of Duskinoirgull22, any copying of this bey and the owner will report him/her without delay. This is the revivement of the bey mere gull B:F.

facebolt: gull 2Edit

This facebolt depicts gull, a so called "mythical" creater that is half bird half human.The picture is half black half white on a red backgroun representing good and evil.

energy ring: gull 2Edit

This energy ring looks like 3 eagles chasing eachother in a circle when spining besuase of the bumps, and is blue.

fusion wheel: duskinoirEdit

This fusion wheel is extremely sharp due to this it can easily break the other bey, while the fusion wheel is also like the grand wheel becuase if a bey hits becuase its so heavy and its made out of titanium it is like hitting a titanium wall.

track: R (revived)Edit

this is like eagles track except it is entirely titanium with spikes at the top middle and bottom making it almost emposible to break.

tip: R:F (Revived Freedom)Edit

this tip is NOT the rubber flat tip, it is intirely titanium making it unbreakable, this tip has a TS (titanium sharp) that can retract into a TF (titanium flat)


dark riegn: this is when the bey changes into its TF tip mode and charges unstopably at the bey with extreme speeds (when the abilitie is over the tip turns back to normal.

free angel: this is when the bey obsorbs the attack of the other bey and strikes back at it full power.

specail movesEdit

bloody whirpool: this is when the bey uses its demonic energy to make a whirlpool of blood that goes around at the speed of light smashing all other beys while drowning them.

bloody tornado: (this move can only activate after bloody whirpool) this is when the bey makes the whirpool shoot up at intense speeds making a tornado of blood then the beys crash down at the speed of sound.

spirit wing: this is when the bey shoots up into the galaxy and using the power of the sun crashes down on all other beys destroying anything and everything.