The first 3 parts of Cyber Pegasus F:B


Cyber Pegasus F:B is an attack type Bey owned By Sora In Beyblade: The Last Stand.



Pegasus Facebolt

Energy Ring: Edit

Cyber Pegasus Energy Ring: A close relitive to the Pegasus.

Fusion Wheel:Edit

Cyber: A Fusion Wheel with 3 Wings that attack.

Last Stand Tip:Edit

F:B: F:B is a Tip that has 2 modes, one mode is F:A: a mode that starts attacking Fiercely and when Sora calls: "Final Attack" the bey attacks more Fiercely than before. The second Mode B:D starts out as a calm beyblade then when Sora says: "Best Defense!", the Bey attacks with more Defense than a regular bey would.