In the previous chapterEdit

Philip and his team won the championships! And Nick dicides to join the team for his holidays!Now,the new members,will start training with the gang!


Kado says at Nick:"So Nick,you are a blader?",Nick answers:"Yes,yes I am!",Philip asks Nick:"How come Nick?"Nick asks Philip back:"What how come?"Sora says:"How come and you are a blader?",Kado,out of no where says:"Who was that guy? I must find out!" Axel tryies to calm Kado dowm:"Oi,oi Kado,calm down,it's over!"Nick says:"Guys,how about a Beyblade battle!All of us!"Everyone except Kado say:"YEAH!",Kado says:"You guys battle alone,I don't want to..."Sora,worried about what Kado said asks:"Kado,why not?",and Kado gives no answer.Philip says:"WE CAN'T BATTLE WITHOUT OUR TEAM LEADER!" Kado still,gives no answer.Axel says:"He turned so strangly at a so sad mode..." Philip answers:"Yeah..But,why?"

~A Beyblade comes from the air,with a black aura and lands in front of Kado.Creating Smoke.~

Philip:What in the...?!

~The smoke clears.~

Nick:What happened?!

Sora:Did you saw what happened?

Axel:No...But something fell,in front of Kado!

Not yet done.