The three friends and Axel begin talking about random things but Axel says,:Guys,can I become a member in your team???" Kado says:"Why you are asking?" Axel continues: "You are such an awesome team,I really wanna join!"
Maximum Thinkess
Philip and Sora say together : "SURE!",Kado says : "Fine,fine...Join the team...."Philip says : "Let's keep saying random things now!" Everybody say" YEAH!" Philip begins: "I wanna be a footballer when I grow up,I will be like Kado's father!Just as a GoalKeeper!" Kado says: "Yeah,Yeah,Make dreams Philip....." Sora says: "I still haven't dicede what I will be when I grow up,but my dream now is to be like Gingka Hagane!" Axel says: "Dunamis is one million times better and cooler then Gingka!" Kado says:"Blah,blah,blah......KENTA IS WAY BETTER YOU KNOW!" Philip sings: "Pokemon! Every trainer has a choice,to listen to that voice inside,I know that battle may be long....." Kado says: "Pokemon!? We are bladers you know!" Philip says:"But I am a Heracross!" *Plays pokemon Heart Gold* Kado who was playing Inazuma Eleven GO Dark says: "GOAL!!!" Sora annoyed says: "SOUDDAP FOR A WHILE!" Axel says: "I LIKE THAT TEAM MORE THEN EVAH!" Philip says: "By the way Axel,I though you was dead..." Sora says: "DEAD!?" Axel says :"You missed me?" Philip says : "No...." Axel says :"THEN WHY YOU ARE ASKING?!" Kado full of panic that he was losing at Inazuma Eleven GO Dark says:"SHOUDDAP! I WANNA WIN!" Sora says :"WHY YOU ARE TELLING THE SAME THING KADO?! WE ARE A TEAM YOU KNOW!" Axel says:"Well,at least I am alive!" Philip says:"I am going to the soccer club!"Axel,Kado and Sora say:"We are comming too!' ~When The friends get to the soccer club~ Philip says : ¨Uh? Needed GoalKeeper?!" The guy you makes the registeretion for the team says:"Yeah,can you be the one?" Philip says :"Sure!" The guy says: "Team! This is Philip! He is our new GoalKeeper!" A kid says:"Hey Philip I am Nick! I am a foward!" Philip says :"Hi Nick!" Kado says:"Philip will surly be a great Goal Keeper!" Sora says:"You said that he was making dreams..." Axel Says:"Looks like Philip will be a new guy!" Philip says:"Guys,just because I am in the team that doesn't mean I am not a blader too!Let's win the chapmionship and the evil!" Everybody on the room said:"YEAH!".