After the Free-For-All battle between Kado,Sora and Philip,the 3 friends begin their adventure to become Legend
Let the advetnure,begin!
Bladers,their first stop, Alea Town, Philip Says: "Coolio,so this is Alea Town?", Kado answers: "Yeah,this is Alea Town, it's an awesome town here,I have born and until I was 5 years old,I was playing here",Sora asks"This is your hometown Kado?" Kado answers "Yup" "Philip says again "WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO TALK LET'S GO TO EAT SOMETHING! I AM HUNGRY!" Sora says "Calm down Philip" Kado says "Yeah,let's go and eat something",Sora says "I wanna see one of your realatives Kado,is there someone?" Kado answers "Yes there is,my brother is living here,follow me!" Philip says again "Yay! one of Kado's realative will be relived!" Kado says "My mum and dad will be here to" Sora says "Let's Go!" On Kado's realatives home,Kado says "I'm home!" his brother says "Hey Kad!" His Father says "Welcome Back Son!" Sora says "Hello there!" Kado's brother says "Hey you 2!" Kado says "This are Philip and Sora" Philip and Sora say "Nice To meet you!" Kado's brother says "Can I come with you on your adventure Kad?" Kado says "How do you...." His brother says "I know every thing!" Kado says "No sorry,you are kinda....Young" HIs brother says "Ok" The Gang leaves the home,Philip says "Your Family is nice" Sora says "You mean Kado has a nice family....." Kado says "LET'S GO! LET'S GO TO THE NEXT TOWN AND LET'S BECOME THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" Sora and Philip say "YEAH!".