A fine day before the sun sets a boy named Kado was sitting,doing almost nothing,the kids on his neibourghood
A new fresh begining
don't play with him due to that he has very strong opponet on Beyblading,he was the champion,while a little farther, a beybattle between two kids begun.

--After the battle was over--

  • Kado:Hello? Can I play with you guys?
  • Kid:Of course you can!
  • Other kid:Yeah Sure, well my Name is Philip and this is Sora.
  • Kado:Hi, I am Kado
  • Sora:Do you want to battle us?
  • Philip:A free-for-all battle! That could be fun!
  • Kado:You want a free-for-all?Then you will have it! *Loads Unicorno*
  • Sora:Yay! I am gunna be the winner for sure! *Loads Pegasus
  • Philip:Naw,I have al ready won! *Loads Sagittario*

--The battle begun--

  • Kado:Unicorno, go get them!
  • Philip:Naw, so easy. Sagittario attack Pegasus!
  • Sora:Why me?! Attack Unicorno Pegasus!

--The 3 beys coloide--

  • Kado:Unicorno!
  • Philip:S-S-Sagittario!
  • Sora:Where is Pegasus?

--The 3 beys smash the stadium--

  • Philip:Cool!
  • Kado:Wow!
  • Sora:Say what?! Our beys smash the stadium and then they stopped! Who is the winner?!
  • Philip:It's a tie!?
  • Kado:Guys, do you know the Legendary Bladers?
  • Both of them:Yeah!
  • Kado:One day I want to be like Kenta Yumiya
  • Sora:I am Gingka Hagane's #1 Student,I will be like him!
  • Philip:I will be just like Kyouya!
  • Kado:Let's start an adventure to become Legendary Bladers!
  • Both 3 of them:YEAH!

So the 3 friends,Kado,Sora and Philip beguin their adventure to become Legendary Bladers.