Now,Philip is a member at Intanian Academy's soccer club,2 weeks later,his first match as a goal
A match to remember
keeper.Kado,Axel and Sora are watching the match on the TV at Kado's family house,The commentator says: "The final is finaly here! Intaninan Academy Versurs Iclendan Academy,Intanian has now a new Goal Keeper,Philip is his name! Now,let's hear the formations!" ~After the formations are heared~ ~At Kado's family house~ Kado says: "Looks like Philip will be at the finals for his first match!" Sora says:"Let's see if they will win!" ~Back to the stadium~ The coach says : "Guys,let's do our best to win the match!" Every one says: "Yeah" Philip thinks:"This is my first match,and I must win!" ~At Kado's house~ Kado says:"I can't stay here with out doing anything,I wanna go to the stadium!" Axel and Sora say:"Then let's go!" Kado's brother says:"Go ahead!" ~The 3 friends go at the stadium~ ~Back to the team~ The commentator says:"Now let the teams come!" ~The teams come~ The coach says:"Philip,one more thing,here." ~The coach gives to Philip the captain band~ The coach continues :"Now go,captain!" ~The reffere whistles to begin the match~

The matchEdit

~Iclendan has the ball~

Nick:Let's go!

Ivan:I'll get the ball!

~Ivan gets the ball~

Commentator:Ivan makes an awesome cut!

~Ivan runs foward with the ball~

~A player with the nomber 12 from Iclendan cuts Ivan~

  1. 12:Hehe!

~The player goes 1 on 1 against Philip~

Philip:Bring it!

~#12 shoots~

~Philip catches easy~

Philip:Counter attack time!

~Philip passes the ball to Kiko~

Kiko:Let's go!

~Kiko runs foward~

Nick:Pass here!

Kiko:I will score!

Philip:Pass to Nick,Kiko!

Ivan:Kiko pass to Nick now!

~Kiko passes back at Ivan~

Kiko:He is closed now!

Nick:Before I wasn't....

~Ivan runs foward~

Ivan:Flaming Jump!

Commentator:Ivan is using his Special Move,Flaming Jump in order to score!

  1. 1 of Iclendan:Mugen the Hand!

Commentator:The Goal Keeper of Iclendan uses Mugen the Hand!

~The Goal Keeper fails~


Coach of Iclendan:Destroy their Goal Keeper First.

Captain of Iclendan:Roger.

~All Players of Iclendan exept the Goal Keeper are going foward to Philip~

~They shoot but Philip always stops the ball with his hands~

Kado:They are shooting very fast but weak shoots......

Sora:That means they try to make Philip tired?


Sora:Watch your back Philip!

~Philip keeps blocking the ball without catching it~

Philip:This is it!

~A Very fast shoot comes at him~

Philip:Majin the....

~The ball comes closer~


~Philip catches the ball~

~The reffere whistles~

Commentator:The first half is over!

Kado:Majin the Hand huh? Sounds very cool

Axel:It's awesome....BUT I AM HUNGRY!

Sora:Let's go and eat something!

  • End of part 1