Beyblade Metal Universe is a story writen by Kadoya Masamune,a new chapter comes out when the editor can ;)


6 Years have been past after Nemesis' fail to destroy the world for second time,but,It looks like it want give up,Nemesis,now in a new blader's hands will try to destroy the world for third time,will the new Legend Bladers deafit Nemesis or Nemesis' new plan will get succsed?Beyblade will not be the only thing that our characters will think!

Rules to JoinEdit

  1. You must have a bey
  2. You don't need a character (if you have add him on it doesn't matter)
  3. The only head of that story is Kadoya Masamune
  4. Ideas are cladly welcomed
  5. the Helpers are able to be only 5

Main CharactersEdit


Bladers of the 4 seasonsEdit

Name Bey Aura

Succsesor of..

Kado Samurai Unicorno


Kenta Yumiya
Sora Vulcan Pegasus Blue Gingka Hagane
Philip Arrow Sagittario Green Kyouya Tategami
Pink Chris

Solar System BladersEdit

Name Bey Aura Succsesor of...
Purple Aguma
Orange King
Indigo Yuki Mizusawa
Yellow Titi
Axel Still Unkown Violet Dunamis



Name Bey Succsesor of.... Aura
Max Destructor Nemesis B:D Rago Dark Purple
Pluto None

Nemesis BladersEdit

Name Bey Aura Succsesor of....
none Cyncus
none Keyser


Other CharactersEdit

  • Kado's Unkown named brother
  • Kado's Unkown named father
  • Kado's unkown named mother
  • Nick (Possibly a Legend Blader as well)
  • Ivan
  • Kiko
  • Mac


Note:In some chapter's there will be questions and gifts,try to find out the answers and Kadoya Masamune will give you a gift

  1. A new fresh begining
  2. Let the adventure,begin!
  3. Here goes Soccer! + gift and question
  4. Maximum thinkness
  5. A match to remember Part 1 + Part 2

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