After the 3 friends met Kado's family,Philip wanted to know more about his family,so he says "Your father is a nice person." Kado says "Yeah,he is,he was a footballer when he was younger." Sora says "Cool,a footballer!" Philip
Here goes soccer
says "I wanna be a footballer too!",Kado says "Then,let me say a story with him." The three friends walk while Kado begins saying the story "He was an ace striker at Itanian's Football Club Academy,he was known as the "legend striker"." Philip says "Cool,I have heard about a "Legend Striker",my mother was talking about him" Kado says "LET ME FINISH THE STORY!" Sora says "Guys! Look! Itanian City!" Philip says "Let's go and check the football club!" An unkown voice says "You won't go anywhere! Philip!" Philip says "Who are you?!" The guy says "I will never say my name to you!" The guy walks foward,Philip says "NO,WAY! AXEL?!" , Sora says "You know him",Philip says,"Yes,for my bad sake he is my younger brother" , Kado says "What do you want,Axel",Axel Says "I want to battle Philip!" Philip says "Very well,Axel,Let's battle!"

The battleEdit

  • Axel shows to every one his bey*

Axel-This is my beyblade!

Philip-Let's start al ready!

Sora-I will be your reffere!


Sora-Bladers ready?

Axel and Philip-Yeah!

All of them-3,2,1

Axel and Philip-Let it rip!

Philip-Go Sagittario!

Axel-Go my bit-beast!

~The two beasts appeard~

Axel-Here I go!




Axel-Go back!


~Sagittario send out Axel's beyblade~

Axel-No,I've lost....

Philip-But you battled hard!Good job!



What is Axel's beyblade?

Gift:A Beyblade made by Kadoya Masamune.